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The EB-5 Visa

The Immigrant Investor Program, also known as the Regional Center Program, was created by Congress to attract foreign investments to stimulate the U.S. economy. This creates an opportunity for foreign nationals and their family to gain a Green Card (permanent residence) by investing with an approved EB-5 regional center. The minimum investment amount required is $800,000 for Targeted Employment Areas or $1,050,000 otherwise. This investment must be proven to have created at least 10 new qualifying full-time jobs.

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American National Regional Center

The American National Regional Center is a leading EB-5 investment entity in the United States. We are a registered and approved Regional Center capable of creating and managing EB-5 qualified businesses. Our team consists of experienced professionals that will guide you though the entire EB-5 process. We utilize a streamlined process, guaranteed to make the application as stress free as it can possibly be. With many years of experience, our competent attorneys will make sure you and you family are all thoroughly prepared to meet all of the EB-5 requirements in order to receive permanent residence status within the United States.

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Our Current EB-5 Projects

We ensure that all of our projects undergo a rigorous examination process to mitigate our investor's financial risk. Each of our projects give the greatest possibility of success to meet all of the EB-5 requirements.

  • Asian Fusion Restaurant

    Buns & Dums

    Buns & Dums is a unique casual dining restaurant concept derived from authentic Asian cuisine. The project is already EB-5 approved and offers an exciting opportunity for potential investors. It is already structured to meet and sustain the EB-5 employment requirements.

  • More Projects In The Works

    Upcoming Projects

    At the American National Regional Center, our staff is constantly working and planning for new EB-5 investment opportunities for foreign nationals. The team always has potential projects in the works. If you would like information on potential upcoming projects, please send us a message.
Just Like You

A Team With Similar Backgrounds

Our passion for helping others stems from our own backgrounds. The team at American National Regional Center is made up individuals who gained their permanent residence using the EB-5 process. We are all from different nations across the world and have come together to help you achieve the American Dream. All of our employees share a deep understanding and first-hand experience of the EB-5 process

Jim Z. – Mainland China

Call Center Manager

Miguel C. – Mexico

Call Center Lead

Sofia L. – Argentina


Rushabh J. – India


Ju-won K. – South Korea

Investor Relations

Linh N. – Vietnam

Executive Assistant


“I recommend ANRC to anyone who is interested in EB-5 visas, they know everything about the process and have good investment opportunities.” quote

“This place is excellent! They worked really hard to help my husband and I get our green cards after investing with them.” quote

“ANRC helped me bring my family into the U.S. with EB-5 visas. They kept me well informed throughout the whole process. Recommend.” quote

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More Than A Regional Center

Our main mission is to guide motivated individuals through the EB-5 visa process so that they can fulfill their dreams in America. We offer an array of safer business opportunities for our clients. Investors can choose a project within their interests, we do not focus on a single industry when creating our projects. Not only are we a regional center, we also have a full-service immigration center, capable of handling every other form of immigration i.e. green cards, family visas, work visas, student visas, L1 visas and EB 1-5.

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